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Yokai: Oni! From Folktales To Demon Slayer

Yokai: Oni! From Folktales To Demon Slayer

Feb 2, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm


In Japan, you can find YOKAI (ghosts) everywhere from folktales, traditional rituals, to popular manga and anime. The most common YOKAI in Japanese society and culture are the Oni (demon) and they are seen as guards protecting hell, and as the causes of disasters and pandemics.

On the day of Setsubun, which is the first day of spring in the lunar calendar, people throw soybeans at the Oni to fend off the evil spirits within the home.

Award-winning translator, writer, and folklorist Zack Davisson will talk about Oni’s presence in Japanese culture. Also, he will explain how Japanese people think about Oni from folktales to Demon Slayer.

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