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What is Real Umami?

February 3 @ 5:00 pm


Don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity to taste, celebrate, and explore Japanese seasonal cuisine in February. Hosted by Chef Hayashi Ryohei (Tenoshima, 2020 Michelin Star) & David Schlosser (Shibumi, 2019 Michelin Star), “What is real Umami – Celebrating Hatsu-Uma with special cuisine in February in Japan” culinary experience takes you through the range of true Japanese Umami and celebrates an Japanese authentic culinary approach.

This event is ideal for chefs and rising culinary students in the Los Angeles area, and others, who wish to become more versed in authentic Japanese cuisine. Culinary techniques will include methods to extract Umami from a range of natural ingredients, and also how to build and utilize Umami in various dishes. There will be much useful information shared during this event, explored through the lens of Japan’s long culinary culture & history, and shared through an authentic Japanese meal.

Date: February 3rd, 2019
Seating Times: 5:00pm & 8:00pm
Price: $195 per person
Each seating is limited to 35 seats.

Aperitif, cocktail using Shochu & Awamori, Japanese traditional spirits ”with Tofu-yo”;
Umami tasting, varied soups from different type of Umami;
Konjac, starter with relatively unknown Japanese healthy ingredient;
Futamono, Ocean white Kabura mushi with sea urchin;
Deep Fried Spicy Prawn Cutlet with white miso sauce;
Wagyu steak, using a top brand of Wagyu from Hokkaido;
Inari Sushi & Bou Sushi with a Sake lees base (Kasu-Jiru), celebrating with special foods for Hatsu-Uma;
Dessert, Kinako Ice cream and Anko Monaka;

Please join in this remarkable opportunity to learn from masters of Japanese cuisine, from both Japan and Los Angeles — a rare experience and chance to take your understanding of Japanese cuisine up to the next level!

Chef Hayashi Ryohei

Under the mentorship of Chef Yoshihiro Murata, Michelin three-star chef in “Kikunoi”, Chef Hayashi was in charge of developing menus for Singapore Airlines and JR West, as well as banquet foods for international conferences and the Prime Minister’s office. He also engaged in Japanese food promoting events in more than 17 countries.
In 2018, he left “Kikunoi” and opened his own restaurant “Tenoshima” in Aoyama, Tokyo. At his restaurant, he serves traditional dishes, while rediscovering the fascination of Japanese food culture, such as incorporating dried fish long-produced in Setouchi inland sea. “Tenoshima” is awarded one Michelin star in 2020.

Chef David Schlosser

After training in “Kikunoi” in Kyoto, Chef David opened “Shibumi” in 2016. “Shibumi” serves Kappo cuisine using a wide variety of Japanese food ingredients. Just after its opening, “Shibumi” was recognized as the second best restaurant in Los Angeles by the late Jonathan Gold, the famous food writer of the LA Times. In 2019, “Shibumi” was awarded one Michelin star.
Chef David has long been exploring Japanese food culture, and he continues to introduce a wide variety of Japanese food ingredients, such as Wagyu and Sake at “Shibumi”. His effort in promotion of Japanese cuisine was highly recognized by the Japanese Government, Chef David was appointed as “Goodwill Ambassador to Spread Japanese Cuisine” in 2019.

*Note:There are case when media cameras are admitted in the venue on the event day and the guests can be photographed.


815 South Hill Street
Downtown, CA 90014 United States


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