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The first North American exhibition of internationally acclaimed Japanese manga artist, Naoki Urasawa. Considered a modern master, Urasawa combines dynamic storytelling and transcendent artistic skill in the development of rich and sophisticated characters. His stories touch upon the hopes, dreams, and at times underlying fears of humanity.

This retrospective exhibition will introduce Urasawa’s ideas from inception through development, with an extraordinary presentation of more than 400 original drawings and storyboards. Selected stories from seven of his major works will be presented in English, highlighting the breadth of the artist’s narrative styles, including: YAWARA!, MONSTER, 20th Century Boys, PLUTO, BILLY BAT, MASTER KEATON ReMASTER (Story by Takashi Nagasaki), and MUJIRUSHI (The Sign of Dreams, with the cooperation of Fujio Productions).

This is an exciting opportunity for the U.S. public to enjoy Urasawa’s manga directly from his hand drawn pages, offering a unique glimpse into the artist’s process and psyche.

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