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Japan House Los Angeles presents SUBTLE, an experimental exploration of the delicate world of paper in contemporary context. Familiar and every day, paper is featured in innovative creations that awaken acute human perception through multiple, sophisticated design experiences.

Curated and directed by Kenya Hara, Art Director for the global JAPAN HOUSE project, the SUBTLE exhibition bears the influence of Japanese minimalism and invites the viewer to observe each artwork and item in detail, uncovering what may not be evident upon first look.

SUBTLE is the latest iteration of the iconic Takeo Paper Show, organized by Takeo Co., Ltd. First held in 1965, it is Japan’s only paper industry show dedicated to the universe of paper, making a significant contribution to paper culture, highlighting innovation in the material and manipulation of paper. Always ahead of its time, the Takeo Paper Show is renowned for working with top industry creators to realize the challenge of identifying new potential from paper.

The exhibition is divided into four primary parts. The core presentation consists of inventive paper creations, displayed on a series of 27 tables, that awaken the senses through multiple, sophisticated design and technology experiences.


Takeo is a specialty paper company built on the foundation of paper, design and technology, determined to build a new paper culture and marketplace by collaborating with creators from various disciplinary fields. Since its inception in 1899, the company has shaped its own history as a specialty paper company. From the 1950s, based on collaboration between paper manufacturers and designers, Takeo Co., LTD has initiated research, development, and sales of fine paper, high-grade specialty printing paper with an emphasis on texture and color, creating many original products. Basing their work on the origins of paper, Takeo has continued to take up the challenge of creating new markets, while meeting the need for diversification and sophistication in their offerings.

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