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A Japanese-Taiwanese co-production based on Mr. and Mrs. Mogi’ s non-fiction book and popular Facebook page. A very dynamic young lady, Lin (Man-shu), has a thing for Japanese culture while living in Taiwan. Amid the chaos of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Lin receives a message on Facebook from a young Japanese man, Mogi (Nakano) who is curious about the Japan-friendly country. Through their chats, they become friends and eventually go on a date in Taiwan. After their first date, they talk about their hopes, dreams, fears, and finally decide to try and make things work, despite the circumstances. Popular actress/director, Jian Man-shu, co-stars with model-turned-actor, Yuta Nakano. Filmed in Jiufen, Kengting in Taiwan and Kamakura, Hiroshima in Japan.

Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese with English subtitles

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