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The Secret Movie Club continues their 12 Months of Kurosawa series with a 35mm presentation of DRUNKEN ANGEL.

SAT, JUN 15, 2019 10:30a: Drunken Angel (1948, Janus/Toho Studios, dir by Akira Kurosawa, 102mns, 35mm) VISTA [12 Months of Kurosawa]

In June, we go back to the late 1940’s to watch the first two true Kurosawa masterpieces. The first, Drunken Angel, made in 1948 is the first time Kurosawa said he was given complete creative control over the movie. He directs it with the genius and force of a person who is determined never to give that creative control up ever again.

A local alcoholic doctor (Takashi Shimura) still has the skill and compassion to take care of the local citizenry. When a local Yakuza (Toshiro Mifune) shows up, Shimura quickly realizes that the Yakuza has tuberculosis. He can beat it…but only if he gives up his violent and self-destructive lifestyle.


Vista Theatre
4473 Sunset Drive
Los Feliz, CA 90027
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