Monday, December 3 – Sunday, December 9


Brewing Happiness: Secrets Behind a Century-old Sake-making Family Business - featured image
Brewing Happiness: Secrets Behind a Century-old Sake-making Family Business: The fifth-generation successor of Obata Shuzo Sake Brewery in Sado Island will talk about the most important factors for sustaining a family business over a century, and how traditional industries such as hers can stay relevant and even drive innovation in this global economy.   Japan House Los Angeles, Hollywood. 7:00 pm. Free. Tags: Food & Drink, Free, Lecture


MIRAI [Subtitled]: From acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children) and Japan’s Studio Chizu comes MIRAI, a daringly original story of love passed down through generations. A young boy encounters strange guests from the past and future – including his baby sister Mirai, as a teenager. Select Movie Theaters, Around Los Angeles. 7:00 pm. Tags: Anime, Movies


Japanese Conversation Cafe: Tea Time - featured image
Japanese Conversation Cafe: Tea Time: It’s that time of the year again!  Tea Time is one of the most popular events at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.  70-100 people get together and you will enjoy Japanese snacks and tea while chatting with native Japanese speakers. All levels welcome! Japanese language experience is not necessary-this event is open to everyone, ages 18 and up. The Japan Foundation LA, Miracle Mile. 7:00 pm. Free. Tags: Free, Language


Hiroya Tsukamoto - featured image
Hiroya Tsukamoto: Hiroya is a one-of-a-kind composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter from Kyoto, Japan. He began playing the five-string banjo when he was 13, and took up the guitar shortly after. Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance. 7:30 pm. $33 and up. Tags: Music, Music Concert


Allied with Japanese America: New Stories of Supporters during World War II - featured image
Allied with Japanese America: New Stories of Supporters during World War II: A symposium exploring allies of Japanese Americans during World War II who defended and supported those living under martial law in Hawaii, in the U.S. military, and behind barbed wire in War Relocation Authority camps as well as in their resettlement once out of camp. Japanese American National Museum, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. 10:00 am. Free. Tags: History, Lecture
PORCO ROSSO [Subtitled]: Porco Rosso is a world weary flying ace-turned-bounty-hunter, whose face has been transformed into that of a pig by a mysterious spell. When he infuriates a band of sky pirates with his heroics, the pirates hire Curtis, a hotshot American rival, to get rid of him. But with the help of the teenage girl Fio, an aspiring airplane designer, and sultry lounge singer named Gina, Porco takes to the skies for what may be his final high-flying showdown. Vista Theatre. 10:30 am. $11 and up. Tags: Anime, Kid-Friendly, Movies
MOM THINKS I'M CRAZY TO MARRY A JAPANESE GUY [Subtitled] - featured image
MOM THINKS I’M CRAZY TO MARRY A JAPANESE GUY [Subtitled]: A Japanese-Taiwanese co-production based on Mr. and Mrs. Mogi’ s non-fiction book and popular Facebook page. Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, Los Angeles. 2:00 pm. Free. Tags: Free, Movies
TaikoProject + Sumie Kaneko in Concert - featured image
TaikoProject + Sumie Kaneko in Concert: TAIKOPROJECT collaborates with shamisen and koto virtuoso Sumie Kaneko for one night only. This is a rare opportunity to see the ensemble in an intimate setting, up close and personal. Only 100 seats available! The Warner Grand Annex, San Pedro. 8:00 pm. $26.87. Tags: Music, Music Concert, Taiko


Matcha Making Workshop - featured image
Matcha Making Workshop: A certified Urasenke tea practitioner will teach you about the tea and its cultural history and how to whisk this jade-like powder into a perfectly frothy consistency to enjoy with traditional sweets. Participate in one of three matcha-making workshop. Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, Pasadena. 12:00 pm. $15. Tags: Food & Drink, Workshop
George Takei Hikaru Sulu Ornament Signing - featured image
George Takei Hikaru Sulu Ornament Signing: George Takei will be at the JANM Store to sign these special Hallmark ornaments depicting him as the legendary Star Trek character. Featuring dialogue from the unforgettable Star Trek episode “The Naked Time,” the ornament shows a bare-chested Sulu with a fencing foil as he challenges Captain Kirk and other crew members. Japanese American National Museum, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. 1:00 pm. $29.99. Tags: Museum, Shopping
The Japanese Folding Fan in the Hands of Modernity: The folding fan has long been an icon of Japan in the Western imagination. How is it that such a dynamic and long-lived genre in East Asia came to occupy such a marginal place in modern art history? Guided by this question, this lecture will tell the global history of these sophisticated objects, from Japan’s Heian period (794–1192 CE) to their contemporary relevance in the twenty-first century. LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles. 3:30 pm. Tags: Art, Free, History, Lecture

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SHOPLIFTERS [Subtitled] - featured image
SHOPLIFTERS [Subtitled]: Select Movie Theaters around Los Angeles. Tags: Featured, Movies
MIRAI [Dubbed]: Select Movie Theaters, Around Los Angeles. Tags: Anime, Movies
LA Auto Show: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles. 10:00 am. Tags: Cars, Conventions
A Celebration of Japanese Automotive Culture: Petersen Automotive Museum. 10:00 am. $16.
Valley of the Heart: Mark Taper Forum, Downtown Los Angeles. 8:00 pm. $30 and up.
Sou Fujimoto: Futures of the Future: Japan House Los Angeles, Hollywood. 10:00 am. Free.
Shiguchi: The Hidden Art of Japanese Joinery: The Gamble House, Pasadena. 12:00 pm. $15 and up.
Kaiju vs Heroes: Mark Nagata’s Journey through the World of Japanese Toys: Japanese American National Museum, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. 11:00 am. $12.


December 13, 2018: NEVER-ENDING MAN: HAYAO MIYAZAKI [Subtitled]: Select Movie Theaters, Around Los Angeles.

December 15, 2018: Little Women (A Multicultural Transposition): Japanese American National Museum, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. $25.

December 16, 2018: Shoseian Holiday Tea & Japan Culture Day: The Shoseian Tea House and Friendship Garden, Glendale. Free.

January 4, 2019: AKIRA [Subtitled]: Landmark’s Nuart Theatre, West Los Angeles. $12.

February 23, 2019: A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy: Zipper Concert Hall. $40 and up.

Note: Some sold out events omitted.